cars from balcony, Berlin (2017/2018)

Since starting photography, I’ve always been interested in making photos of the same thing over and over again. Sometimes during a short period of time, but mostly for years (or as long as I possibly can). There’s been a lot of different topics in the last while, but off the top of my head, here are a few:
- the sky above my apartment
- me in an elevator
- friends holding paintings at parties
- public portraits of the royal family in Thailand
- ladders that don’t really go anywhere

Any time I come across something that fits the topic and visual restrictions I’ve put on myself, I make a photo.

The set above, cars from balcony, is from a small collection I made in Berlin from the end of 2017 to the end of 2018 (the collection ended when I moved apartment). I was under the impression I had a lot more of these photos, but after going through all my scans from that time, it turns out there are only 21. It’s the only apartment I’ve ever lived in that had a balcony, and any time I was out there having a coffee or a chat with a friend, or whenever the mood struck me, I’d take a photo of the cars below. I guess the mood only ever struck me 21 times.

January 4th 2023