as now is

Wandering around Hanoi for five weeks, looking for something but not really sure what. Maybe 500 km walked and nothing. Up the mountain and down the mountain and up the mountain and down the mountain. Talking and talking and drinking and talking, landscape 12, portrait 14, on a loop, awake > sleep > awake.

A man who fought in the war for 9 years and somehow didn’t die, small fires burning everywhere that disappear by themselves, dreams of the drill next door coming through the wall and through my head. Maybe U. was right, maybe I am too soft for Hanoi, for Vietnam.
“See you soon?.........see you tomorrow.”

When you wake up, you’ll be somewhere else.

as now is‘ was made over a five week period while taking part in an artist residency at the Matca Space for Photography in Hanoi, Vietnam. While there, I struggled to make a new piece of work and jumped between a number of different topics. Everything from migration, to a portraiture piece on a friend and her 6 year old daughter, to avoiding stereotypes and anything to do with the war. In the end, it kind of became a project about making a project, about looking for something but not necessarily finding it.

The text at the top is made up of different diary entries I made throughout my time there and combined with the photos, they touch on the different topics I wanted to, or didn’t want to, make a project about at some point, as well as the different things I was struggling with.

An overview of the photos can be found here.